Majorana zero modes in Y-shape interacting Kitaev wires

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Gatemon Qubit Based on a Thin InAs-Al Hybrid Nanowire

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Non-Abelian statistics and topological quantum information

Dihedral twist liquid models from emergent Majorana fermions – Quantum

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Electronic probability density in a T-junction of Kitaev chains

Signature of a pair of Majorana zero modes in superconducting gold surface states. - Abstract - Europe PMC

Bulk-edge correspondence in the Kitaev chain — Topology in condensed matter: tying quantum knots

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Majorana zero modes in a Y-shape Kitaev wire, with ϕ 1 = 0, ϕ 2 = 0

PDF] Braiding errors in interacting Majorana quantum wires

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