TIL Carrie Fisher wore no underwear in Star Wars because George Lucas convinced her there is no underwear in outerspace : r/todayilearned

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Star Wars Facts on X: Carrie Fisher wore no underwear in 'A New Hope' because George Lucas convinced her 'there's no underwear in space' / X

In the original Star Wars movies, Carrie Fisher doesn't wear a bra. This is because George Lucas was horny when writing the script. : r/shittymoviedetails

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Carrie Fisher roasts George Lucas - There is no underwear in Space!

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StarWars creator George Lucas: There's no underwear in space #Shorts #Comedy

You get strangled by your bra: George Lucas Did Not Want Carrie Fisher to Wear Underwear in Star Wars Movies

George Lucas Made Carrie Fisher Act In No Underwear In 'Star Wars

Why did George Lucas not allow Carrie Fisher to wear a bra while shooting the original Star Wars trilogy? - Quora

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