Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Digital transformation is important for many industries. However, for the insurance sector, it’s more of a business priority than It’s about adopting an innovative or solely external process. Digital transformation in insurance requires an innovative business model that is focused on customer needs, more connected products and services, emerging technologies and real-time data.

Global insurance industry leaders are working on developing digital enterprise portals that are built for future needs. Modern consumers engage with insurance companies through multiple channels. They research, recommend, share and make purchase decision via omnichannel applications.

Hence InOpTra combines all key components that can drive customer engagement at multiple levels to ensure success.

  • Innovation and Agility
  • Culture and Workforce
  • Interactive Design
  • Data and Analytics
  • Governance and Policies
  • Risk and Cyber security
  • Digital Architecture
  • Customer behavior


  • Evolving Mobile Application
    Integrated Systems
    Digital Processing
    Customer and Partner Portal.
  • Matured Bigdata Enablers
    Predictive Analytics
    Smart Home / Businesses
  • Optimized Artificial Intelligence
    Machine Learning
    Dynamic Pricing
    Product Development

InOpTra is helping it’s customers in following three phases as:

Evolving: Just beginning to realize the potential of digital transformation. Working on several initiatives to automate their processes and calibrate their business model to suit their business requirements.

Matured: Uses advanced digital technologies and enterprise portal solutions to integrate emerging trend for rapid product development and launch.

Optimized: Working towards futuristic solutions using NextGen technologies by analyzing integrated systems and innovative products that transform the experience of all the stakeholders.