Embedded solutions & Product Engineering

When product quality, time-to-market and budget are the prime factors running in your mind, InOpTra can be your strategic choice as Development and R&D partner. Partnering has become one of the most popular ways to get work completed faster with better quality, and lower price. However, product development is not easily outsourced and there must be a strong mechanism to have an integrated approach between your R&D team and partner’s team. The quality processes, communication and coordination, review mechanisms, scope management, and change management become critical aspects while developing a cohesive, distributed team. InOpTra comes with proven success and the best international practices in developing successful teams for product development.

We bring teams with the required technical and domain expertise based on your products and future plans. Though the typical expertise needed could be in C, C++, Embedded Linux or in real-time operating systems (RTOS), we bring engineers with suitable skills and expertise as per your needs, matching to your current in-house tools and technologies. This helps with seamless development and integration between teams, and the ability to reuse platforms and systems.

As processors are the key component that embedded systems and software are built around, it is essential to have embedded software developers with deep knowledge of the hardware and chips. Our team will have the required expertise in hardware, control systems, algorithms, data structures, and hardware design languages as needed. Additionally, program languages such as Python, Eclipse or JTAG may be used, as required. The development life-cycle includes comprehensive unit testing, followed by rigorous integration testing by a specialized QA team before every release.



InOpTra has good expertise in IoT and IIoT, and can become a key contributor for you in this new phenomenon. We will be your technology partner, supporting your various IoT and New Product Development and Enhancement initiatives; ranging from hardware developments to application developments, mobility to analytics and their integration. We can be your single source in developing smart, connected products and applications that harness the power of data and analytics, providing integrated services to develop and manage IoT solutions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to completely change how businesses work and how they connect with customers. IoT isn’t just about re-launching products with IoT enabled features. While sensor technologies, wireless technologies and mobile technologies are driving the evolution of IoT, the true business value of IoT lies in leveraging the data to derive real benefits rather than just adding hardware features. Analytics on IoT data can yield useful and actionable insights about products, customers and business operations.

As IoT is an interconnection of several devices, technologies, machines and human resources to achieve a common goal, many objects and machines are getting connected to the internet transmitting the data. The objective is to harness this data to discover useful trends and meaningful insights that can help timely decisions or interventions.

Our Internet of Things Solutions:

  • Industrial IoT and Automation
  • Asset Monitoring and Optimizations
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Home / Building Automation
  • Smart Cities
  • Energy Monitoring




  1. New Product Development
  2. Product Enhancements
  3. Testing and Verification
  4. Localization and Globalization
  5. Design Change Management
  6. Dedicated Team

New Product Development

Feasibility Study, Conceptual Development, Development of Architecture, Embedded Systems Design, Embedded Systems Software Engineering, Overall Product Integration, Prototyping, Pilot Launch Support, Pre-production & Production Support.

Product Enhancements

Feature Enhancements, Lifecycle Enhancements, Obsolescence Management, Bug fixing & Enhancements, and Maintenance Releases.

Testing and Verification

Our testing and verification services includes Test Plan Design, Testing Automation and Scripting, Compliance Testing, Regression Testing, Compatibility Testing and Interoperability Testing. We also provide in-depth testing services for products and applications already in production to evaluate their performance, usability, scalability, and new technology adoptions.

Localization and Globalization

InOpTra can help in localization and globalization of your products and applications. We will take end-to-end responsibility for documents, software and website localization.

Design Change Management

Design Change Management is often neglected internally with other high-priority and trendier new developments and product releases gaining importance. You can leverage InOpTra for supporting DCM activities on continuous basis. In fact, this would give a natural extension into more advanced support for your future product development initiatives.

Dedicated Team

As each product or application is unique, and technology & architecture under them are even more unique, it is important to have a committed team developed with right expertise and innovative bent of mind. InOpTra would develop a dedicated team, with right background, design & development expertise and domain / product experience, to suit your varied developmental / R&D needs. The team will have extensive expertise in various software development models including agile technology that promotes adaptive planning and continuous improvement. The business model will be developed to have seamless integration with your team, and execution approach will be planned, monitored and controlled to have systematic development. The design and development methodology will comply with ISO 9001 standards.