Automotive & Transportation

Automotive And Transportation

The new age of data is making huge difference in how the world functions, and this is especially evident in the automotive and transportation sector. New modes of transportation, like driverless cars or new business models such as ride-sharing services show how digital innovations and access to the right information can change the world. Advancements in other sectors are also making huge impacts on transportation sector; a prime example being E-commerce.

InOpTra helps combine digital experience, domain expertise and technology to supply a gamut of solutions for transportation companies. Our Automotive & Transportation digital practices support our customers and partners in boosting the digital expertise of their customers, improve operational excellence and increase revenue & profitability.

Undoubtedly, the transportation industry of the future will look much different than today. Some of the innovation opportunities where maximum benefits may be derived are as below:

Digital innovation is hugely impacting the product design and development in auto and transportation sector. Products are becoming substantially smarter and connected, and customer expectations and preferences are changing very rapidly. Innovations in Embedded Technologies and IoT are creating highly advanced products and features. The big rise in the development of such products is creating a huge demand for brilliant engineers, who have an innovative thought process, product knowledge, technology expertise and the ability to integrate all of these intelligently.

Transportation as a Service has been gaining more prominence. For example, buying and maintaining cars by individuals may reduce with “on demand” business models such as Uber or Lyft services.

Technology has made a huge impact on transportation industry with highly connected and networked cars, trucks, humans and other sensors & data (Ex: weather forecasting, traffic conditions). The way we manage our travel or transportations has changed tremendously over the past two decades. GPS connected, map driven travel management is so different from how we travelled few years back.

This is another area where rapid change is happening because of technology and innovations. The ‘driverless car’ is slowly progressing towards becoming a reality in the very near future. Drones have started delivering. UAVs are becoming more and more predominant. We are witnessing the beginning of a new revolution in transportation and delivery models. A few decades or even a few years from now, the transportation and delivery industry will look totally different from what it is today.

Digital can help determine demand forecast and manage the production to match that. Inventory management is another key aspect of digital interventions, and data analytics can further increase accuracy by integrating seasonal demands, price fluctuations or overall growth data of various markets.

IOT will find many implementations in transportation and logistics. With IoT, embedded sensors in transport vehicles and containers can capture and share real-time data. This can be connected to a warehouse system.

Digital innovations can bring about a huge advantage to Automotive & Transportation industries if implemented well. Data from equipment and production assets can be streamed from sensors to a central repository using industrial communication protocols and gateways. Other necessary information from ERP and MES systems, together with manufacturing process flows, are integrated into the central data. Then, predictive analytics algorithms are applied to provide insights on equipment health and maintenance planning, thereby reducing downtime and unplanned shutdowns or disasters.