E-Commerce And Retail

New age digital and technological innovations are now driving the e-commerce industry. These, in turn are challenging the traditional brick and mortar retail to come up with digital strategies for retail functions like customer service, merchandising, supply chain management and POS.

The lines have now blurred as the current retail customer is more inclined to shop, view and buy through online sellers and wants an engaging digital/VR experience on the mobile phone, tablet or a computer. We are essentially looking at transformation of the entire retail industry.

It is now imperative for all sellers to have an omni-channel strategy, as the fight to acquire even a single customer may require a personalized approach. A conscious movement from point solutions that deliver incremental value to integrated technology solutions that provide transformational outcome has become the gamechanger. Customer experience, business efficiency and service innovation have become the key motivators of all e-commerce and retail companies.

Digital Transformation of E-Commerce and Retail

The Retail and e-commerce industry is going through a rapid digital transformation in customer handling, content management, commerce management, fulfillment, and the optimization of performance across channels to ensure the seamless convergence of physical and digital channels. With the advent of digital technologies and the transformation of the retail landscape, sellers are expected to deliver information, access, and buying options with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Thus, today’s customers or digital shoppers have access to an always-on, always-open shopping experience, and as a result, being a shopper today has become more exciting and fulfilling than ever before!