DevOps & DevSecOps

Though DevOps came into existence more than a decade ago, it is at the cusp of revolutionizing the process of product development now. DevOps is bringing about a paradigm shift in how technology and solutions are designed, developed and deployed. It is driving an industry-wise change from traditional software development models to a truly transformational and agile approach.

InOpTra will be a credible technology partner in your journey with DevOps. Moreover, we focus more on clients’ business and technology / developmental needs than following a stipulated process. The success of any DevOps implementation depends on the number of solutions that are integrated to remove manual steps, errors within the applications, and to increase the agility and scalability of the application.

InOpTra supports release automation, service virtualization, continuous integration, continuous deployment and application performance management. InOpTra also creates a DevOps culture within the organization to modernize any of the applications within itself as well as the client organization as an overall approach.

Tools and technologies like Containers, Kubernetes, Microservices or Dockers will be used, as appropriate, to reduce the cost and complexity involved, while validating the investments made on the existing technologies and applications. The use of off-the-shelf or customized tools will be judiciously decided while applying agile DevOps practices. Adding to that, process optimization and automation helps to increase the standardization and operational efficiency of applications. Thus, today’s customers and digital shoppers have access to an always-on, always-open shopping experience. Thus, being a shopper today has become more exciting and fulfilling than ever before!

Our team of experts, along with SMEs from our clients, have developed architecture that is proven and well documented. This makes the implementation of DevOps solutions smarter and faster, helping the rapid deployment of applications and data to any cloud environments.

DevOps Stages: InOpTra’s Solutions

  • Plan: task management, schedules
  • Code: code development and code review, source code management tools, code merging
  • Build: continuous integration tools, version control tools, build status
  • Test: continuous testing tools that provide feedback on business risks, determine performance
  • Package: artifact repository, application pre-deployment staging
  • Release: change management, release approvals, release automation
  • Operations: infrastructure installation, infrastructure changes (scalability), infrastructure configuration and management, infrastructure as code tools, capacity planning, capacity & resource management, security check, service deployment, high availability (HA), data recovery, log/backup management, database management
  • Monitor: service performance monitoring, log monitoring, end user experience, incident management

In summary, InOpTra helps enterprises achieve a well-defined DevOps chain for end-to-end application release, thus enabling exceptionally reliable releases and faster time to market. The offering provides a comprehensive solution across application release management, release automation, and continuous testing and deployment.

QA & Testing Services

Typically, in-house teams do not have sufficient time, experience or assets needed for comprehensive and rigorous QA testing. More importantly, their time may be better spent on new developments, innovations and value creation; whatever adds most value to the customers and the company. This is where InOpTra can add value, as your extended testing house. In addition to inherent advantages such as capacity, cost and capabilities, our team can bring the best global practices and rigor to the Testing.

It is also more prudent to have a third-party testing done to get an independent validation. An external team for QA testing can not only ensure unbiased testing, but also provide strategies and protocols that can guarantee quality.

Whether you are considering total outsourcing of testing or incremental transition, InOpTra can be your choice. In fact, it could even start with testing support at your office and eventually transitioning the same. Testing solutions are one of our strongest offerings and one which can be the best starting point for a long-term partnership. Whether it is Black-Box Testing or White-Box Testing, System Testing, Integration Testing, Performance Testing, and/or Load Testing or all of these, we can be your single-source testing partner of choice.

Manual and/or Automated Testing Solutions

Testing is an integral part of successful product development and roll-out. However, the choice between manual and automatic, and the scope of these, can vary, and is often debatable. Both manual and automatic testing provide their own advantages and disadvantages, and hence need to be judiciously chosen depending on the type of testing, cost factors, timelines, expertise available, etc. Usability testing may need to be done manually as against Regression testing, which can be more effectively handled by automatic testing. Cloud testing with an external partner will substantially increase the flexibility, speed and cost savings. With this possibility, upfront investments will also be minimal and the model of pay-as-you-go can work well.

InOpTra can guide you with an independent plan, considering the multiple factors mentioned earlier. In fact, both manual and automatic tests could be useful or required depending on the stage of development, the type of product being developed, the type and size of the user community, the criticality of the product, etc. InOpTra will closely work with you to finalize the appropriate approach and support all such needs.

Testing Solutions offered by InOpTra, covering both Automation and Manual tests:

As functional testing deals with functionality and usability of the product, it is a prominent testing type. InOpTra can help you with Functional testing throughout your development stages; whether it is unit testing, system testing, integration testing or product acceptance testing. Functional testing becomes critical to maintain the quality of the application and to develop a robust approach with customized test plans. Every aspect of the product or application is covered including various features, installation, inter-connectivity, interferences, security etc. We use tools and frameworks as per your needs or with industry standard tools like Selenium, Appium, UFT, SoapUI or Junit Watir.

Performance testing is essential to meet the expectations of users from the performance standpoint, including speed and stability. Whether on desktop, web-based, on mobile or on cloud, performance tests on varied platforms are extremely important. Furthermore, performances under varied load conditions must also be tested. InOpTra can provide this service with a systematic approach to cover your complete requirements with a team of skilled performance testing engineers, along with the required tools.

Security breaches, data theft and cyber attacks are becoming more common and sophisticated. Such attacks can make an organization extremely vulnerable. Hence, Security testing has now become critical. The approach will be to identify the potential loopholes and eliminate vulnerabilities. The flaws in the security mechanisms must be detected and fixed. Applications & products must be made foolproof against cyberattacks and other possible security breaches.

InOpTra offers end-to-end mobile testing solutions covering various operating systems, platforms and devices. By implementing a systematic testing approach, well planned frameworks and efficient testing strategies, we ensure that mobile applications are fully tested for functionality, usability, consistency and the intended customer experience & performance.

E-Commerce is a specialty area in which the business model highly hinges on a large number of distributed customers, with variety of needs and backgrounds. The information flow is substantial, and the demand for user experience, speed and security is very high. InOpTra will develop a customized testing platform and team, both for web and mobile platforms, and can provide a single-stop solution for all the E-commerce testing you may require.

In order to make products and applications available and adaptable to multiple regions or countries, variations due to language, cultural and regional preferences must be considered. Further, changes in currency, payment options and challenges of integration with the local supply chain and vendor ecosystem make such adaptations more complicated. Hence, thorough testing based on these varied factors on a continuous basis is required. InOpTra can be your trusted testing partner to manage this complexity as your product is being developed.

Changes and modifications to products and applications may need to be done periodically; to fix bugs, roll-out new features, and take care of various issues. Hence, regression testing becomes essential to make sure that any change in program is tested thoroughly to ensure that it does not affect other parts of the software. Such a change must not add new issues or adversely affect existing features. InOpTra can develop a team and an approach by which we will be able to take up regression testing right from an early stage of the development process. The testing approach could be manual or automated using regression testing tools like Selenium, HP’s QTP or IBM’s RFT.

Dedicated Testing Center Of Excellence:

If InOpTra is your choice, we will add unique value, competency and advantage as an Independent Testing Partner. Based on your needs, we can even develop a dedicated Center Of Excellence for you with the size of team, competency, tools and methodology that is apt for your developments and future innovation needs. Whether Manual testing, or automation testing, or both, we will develop a customized team and approach testing with the required domain skills, tool expertise and methodology to be followed specific to your program.

A Service-Level Agreement (SLA) will be defined, which will set mutual expectations and performance benchmarks including test case performances, test plan quality, defect tracking, traceability, project management, procedure compliance, knowledge transition, etc. The entire process will be developed to include the best global practices and to ensure consistent performances and innovation, thereby developing a Center of Excellence for your testing needs; for current as well as long-term.

If you need to talk to our Testing Expert or Senior Management to explore the idea, please send a note: (