Our Culture

PRISM : Driving Value Creation for Our Customers

Performance First

No compromise in Performance, No short-cuts, Quality First Mindset, No excuses.

Resource - fulness

Bring ingenuity and creativeness to problem solving, Never give up.

Ideas & Innovation

Bring new ideas to solve the problems, Look inside and outside the box!

Speed & Agility

Move fast and decisively, Be agile in this ever changing technology world.

Metrics & KPIs

Decide what is important, track them, measure them, use the data for intelligent decisions and improvements.

InOpTra – An Agile Organization

At InOpTra, “Agility and speed driven by high quality and innovation” is the mantra. InOpTra has imbibed Agile philosophies and frameworks, not only to deliver software and products faster, but also in the basic functioning of organization itself! For us, the agile approach is of utmost value in every organizational function, be it talent attraction, talent development, client interactions or delivery functions.

When it comes to the process adherence specific to our clients, we always strive to leverage our clients’ processes but bring in additional best practices, if that is acceptable and adds value. We ensure the delivery of supreme-quality software by aggregation of agile principles and by understanding the client’s framework and development practices. We synchronize and work with the client’s frameworks, whether it is Scrum, Kanban, TDD (Test Driven Development) or Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

Agile framework definitely smoothens processes, drives better idea generation and validation, and drives a much faster time-to-market, thereby delivering a huge competitive advantage. It also encourages collaboration within the organization and with its internal/external stakeholders, with far reaching implications not limited to developing and delivering software.

Our architects, developers, test engineers are trained and certified in various agile frameworks and our scrum masters play a major role in understanding client’s culture and values, which enables our engineers to seamlessly integrate into client’s team / organization.