Cloud Computing & Management

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technologies facilitate flexibility, responsiveness, scalability and innovation, enabling enterprises to optimize cost. InOpTra provides cloud computing solutions to your varied needs, including application development, data storage & backups, testing services, and data analytics. We work closely with our customers to understand their business processes and objectives, and help them make the right technology investment choices with our cloud-based IT solutions.

InOpTra helps the customer identify and assess the components and applications which are suitable for the cloud environment. We engage with the customer to understand the existing infrastructure and provide a comprehensive view on cloud strategy, integration challenges, architectural roadmap, cloud security and overall cost of ownership. We have partnered with leading cloud service providers to ensure smooth delivery with suitable infrastructure services that meet your business objective. Our cloud based IT solutions help customers streamline their business processes, reduce data risk, increase global footprint and improve operational efficiencies. We have great expertise and experience in various cloud platforms Including Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Some of the services provided by InOpTra include Production Service Management, Disaster Recovery Management, Continuous Patch Deployment and Cloud Security and Data Protection Services.

Cloud application development services require careful planning and a clear operational maintenance strategy to monitor application workloads in the cloud. It is critical to sustain and optimize the cloud environment for current requirements and future expansion. Performance, Reliability, Elasticity, Adoptability, Security, Operational Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness must be considered in architecture, design and testing of cloud solution.

Architecture Analysis

As part of our Cloud-based solutions offerings, we analyze the architecture of the existing application to identify possible bottlenecks in terms of scalability, performance, and availability. Based on this analysis, we help customers make an informed decision on migration approaches; Lift and Shift or Re-design and Deploy. We validate and deliver the architecture based on system performance, existing components, standard industry compliance requirements, the sensitivity of data, data security and future enhancement plans. As part of Architecture analysis we provide:

  • Cloud migration roadmap
  • Legacy system enhancements
  • SaaS-based business models
  • Standard conformance guidelines

Design & Development

Our robust Cloud-based IT solution and deployment strategy ensures detailed assessment and planning for scalability, responsiveness, security, multi-cloud integration and integration with existing on-premise applications. For effective maintenance and evolution, we design and document individual components in standard UML format.

Cloud Testing

Organizations in need of ‘Testing’ are in general challenged by issues like limited budget, tight deadlines, large number of test cases, and little or no reuse possibility. Moreover, the need to ensure quality service delivery and avoid outages always present additional challenges. The geographic distribution of users and large user base further add to the challenges. Cloud Testing is the solution to all these problems and InOpTra will be your single source for all types of testing across multiple platforms and systems.

Cloud Management

Cloud Management refers to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), an on-demand service model. All resources including desktops, laptops, mobiles, servers, networks, storage, applications & services can be configured and managed under this model. IaaS is a basic approach of cloud management that enables access to shared pools of disparate resources across multiple businesses and locations. All the data, resources and networks are shared via network / internet, and stored on physical servers.

As data volume increases, cloud infrastructure management is the most efficient way to manage hardware, data storage and infrastructure. That is why more and more companies are moving to cloud and IaaS. InOpTra provides comprehensive, end-to-end Cloud based Infrastructure Management Service for its clients across the world.

Cloud Management will reduce overall cost of ownership and will increase the operational efficiency and business agility. With Cloud Infrastructure Management as a service from InOpTra, we will efficiently manage, automate and govern your cloud covering all digital platforms, providing the best cost of ownership, performance and security.

Cloud Testing Solutions Offered by InOpTra

By using cloud testing, it is easy to create an environment that varies the nature of traffic on-demand. This reduces cost and time by simulating a large volume of geographically spread users. Bottlenecks and thresholds are found under a predefined workload.

InOpTra can take up Functional testing of web based applications as well as non-web applications and both of these can be performed using cloud testing. The process of testing against system requirements or specifications are conducted in the cloud.

Stress Testing is used to determine the ability of an application to maintain a certain level of effectiveness beyond the yield point. It is important for a product or application to work even under high stress and maintain stability. Stress testing ensures this by creating peak loads using simulators. However, developing such simulators on-premise could prove to be costly. Cloud testing offers an affordable and scalable alternative.

Load testing is essential if user traffic is expected to be heavy. Also, it is essential to validate the responses in heavier traffic conditions. Load testing will be helpful in tuning the performance of the product / application to meet the standards. Using cloud environment, instances of different Operating Systems can be created on demand.

This testing helps to validate and finetune the performance on various browser types. Various tools enable automated website testing from the cloud.

Cloud testing is utilized to measure the latency between the action and the corresponding response for any application after deploying it.

This type of testing is done to validate performance with instances of different Operating Systems.

Traditional approaches to test a product or application incur high cost to simulate user activity from different geographic locations. They demand substantial expenditure on hardware, software and their maintenance. In the case of applications where the rate of increase in the number of users is unpredictable, or where there is variation in the deployment environment, cloud testing is the best answer. Effective unlimited storage, quick availability of infrastructure that offers scalability and flexibility, and availability of a distributed testing environment reduces the execution time of application testing and leads to cost-effective solutions.

InOpTra has strong expertise in this area and can be your partner to support your varied testing needs on a continuous basis. Cloud-based testing leads to cost-effectiveness, flexibility and agility, providing a clear alternative to traditional in-house testing.