Healthcare and Digital Transformation go hand in hand, and patient care has been elevated to levels that were deemed impossible until a while ago.

At InOpTra, we offer end-to-end application development, seeking to drive transformation initiatives that connect medical suppliers to patient records, caregivers to colleagues and patients to practitioners, for higher care.

Our healthcare technology solutions allow new age hospitals to desegregate their processes, people and instrumentalities to gain efficiency, scale up facilities and boost treatment. This will lead to higher patient satisfaction. We tend to leverage the latest technologies – mobile, cloud, AI, analytics, and Internet of Things – to create mission-critical solutions.

Some of the solutions developed for and with our clients include:

  • Effective Data Management (Hospital and Patient)
  • Near real-time response to patient queries through multiple digital channels
  • Faster communication between healthcare organizations
  • Usage of Mobile, Desktop and Telephones for effective and quick consultations

InOpTra’s Data Engineering and Analytics services provide a much-needed solution to hospitals and other healthcare organizations by:

  • Reduction of medication errors
  • Facilitation of Preventive care
  • Improved staffing for better logistical support
InOpTra helps its customers in Digital Transformation consulting. Our expertise lies in the following areas:

Applications that help digest massive amounts of data to provide an understanding of the past and present, while supporting predictive insights and actions for the future.

Big Data

Tools that allow for the massive collection and storing of diverse data sources from hardware to software, from supply chain to consumer.


A distributed ledger that offers the ability to bring trust, transparency, and security to transactions, from smart contracts to supply chain management.

The Cloud

The underlying platform that serves as a common foundation across applications and technology, integrating things, people, and processes into a single accessible system.

AR (Augmented Reality)

Innovations that create value and enhance the care experience for patients and medical professionals.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The connected sensor network that collects data on products, assets, software, and services from the supplier to the customer.

Machine Learning

intelligent applications that learn to understand and leverage human behavior to predict and solve both business and consumer issues.

The revolutionary digital transformation in the healthcare sector is progressing at breakneck speed, from telemedicine induced by COVID, to artificial intelligence enabled medical devices and blockchain electronic health records. InOpTra’s goal is to help its clients in every aspect of digital innovation, by providing expert resources and innovative solutions.