Digital Applications, AI/ML & Automation

With market demands constantly driving the adoption of newer technologies, it is imperative for organizations to regularly validate if it is better to maintain legacy systems, and bring incremental shifts, or change to new systems. Such decisions also demand additional resources, as new developments and legacy applications typically need to co-exist for at least a significant overlap period.

InOpTra provides two distinct set of services:
  • Development and maintenance of applications in legacy platforms
  • Development and transition into new technologies and digital platforms

Legacy Application Development & Maintenance

InOpTra helps organizations effectively manage their legacy application portfolio with development and maintenance. We have a systematic approach to manage such transitions seamlessly. We focus on understanding business requirements, and effective application development for all sizes and complexities of organizations. Moreover, we work closely with your in-house development and/or business team, and plan strategy to manage & upgrade them according to your business needs.

Our well-established project management processes (Developed to comply with ISO 9001) provide the basis for smooth development and transition. The focus is to ensure high service levels, but with low cost.

Application Modernization and Enhancement

The digital world has created the opportunity to operate in a more customer-friendly and agile environment, but this is often held back by legacy IT systems. Companies have a wealth of core business applications, with proven methodologies, usability and flow. However, the digital economy has unleashed a new way of life, driven by the focus on customer preferences, taste and loyalty.

InOpTra will help you to retain the good features of older systems, but certainly not at the expense of advanced technology, optimized flow or user experience management. We combine the best of older systems with the ingenuity of new technology platforms.

Requirement Collection & Analysis

Understand business requirements. Gain knowledge about the existing IT systems and maintenance process.


Plan the transition and review with all the key stakeholders. Provide estimates of costs, timelines, risks, mitigation plans, performance benefits, other KPIs and results.


Drive systematic transition and implementation, with toll gates of reviews and continuous monitoring.


Round the clock support. Set priorities based on business criticalities. Define performance goals and achieve them.

Requirement Collection & Analysis

Understand business requirements. Gain knowledge about the existing IT systems and maintenance process.

Enhancement and Maintenance

Fix existing issues and enhance new features.

InOpTra will ensure proactive time-to-time support to resolve issues; this could be with onsite support or remote, as mutually agreed. With a guaranteed timely response, and monitored service levels, we drive to meet and exceed your expectations.

ARD Web Apps & Sites

InOpTra applies the power of Design Thinking and Optimization to business solutions and focuses on customer-centric design. We leverage adaptive and responsive web design to deliver the following benefits to businesses:

  • Dynamic and impressive user experiences
  • 100% data protection and privacy
  • Uniform themes and messages across all consumer touchpoints
  • Simplified user interface with a comfortable and unique experience
  • Customized content as required
  • Integration of relevant social media platforms